Tom is Building Mousetraps

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Tom and Jerry in “Tom is Building Mousetraps” (original title: “Trap-o-matic”) at Tom and Jerry Games is a fun to play game for kids and adults alike due to it’s complexity.

In this Tom and Jerry game, you are Tom and you want to catch Jerry as usual but Jerry is smart as always so it won’t be easy. This time, Tom wants to outsmart Jerry so he has come up with the idea of building mousetraps in order to catch Jerry when he exits his little mouse hole.

The “Device Library” of mouse trap items in this Tom and Jerry game comes handy and features four types of devices you can use while helping Tom build the perfect mouse trap for Jerry! You can choose from launchers, hangers, rollers and cutters! There are lunchers like cannons or boxing gloves. You can select are hangers like magnets and heavy suspended objects. You have rollers like roller skates and locomotives and there are also cutters like saws and helicopters! There are more than 30 items to choose from in total for helping you build the ultimate mouse trap for Tom!

How to play:

Follow the instructions and hints from inside the game to learn how to build the perfect mousetrap!

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