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Tom and Jerry in “Who’s Chasing Who” (original title: “What’s the Catch”) at Tom and Jerry Games is a chasing game with Tom and Jerry. The game actually has two games built into it. In both games, Tom chases Jerry as always but in the first game, you can play as Tom and in the second one, you can play as Jerry.

How to play:

You can play this Tom and Jerry game as Tom or as Jerry. Select your favourite character. You can also select the difficulty of the game. Choose “easy”, “medium” or “hard”. If you select Tom, you will find Tom chasing Jerry in the kitchen. Jerry is running as fast as he can on the kitchen furniture shelves and he is dropping plates and glasses at the same time. You need to help Tom to prevent the plates and the glasses from falling on the kitchen floor and smashing into bits and pieces. If Tom misses three plates, the game will be over for poor Tom! If you select Jerry, Tom will be chasing Jerry in the living room. Help Jerry by jumping over the obstacles as they come along. Click the left mouse button once for a normal jump and click it twice for a double jump. Collect the cheese for bonus points! If you miss three jumps, it will be game over for poor Jerry but Tom will be pleased!

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