Tom and Jerry in The Gold Prospectors

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Over the centuries, man (I mean mouse!) has always been fascinated with the precious metal, gold (or is it cheese?) and gold has been the reason behind many of man’s trips throughout the world in his search for adventure, wealth and riches.

In Tom and Jerry games, you would expect mining to be all about cheese, Jerry’s favourite “délicatesse” but if you use your imagination, you can always see the little gold nuggets as pieces of delicious cheese which Jerry needs to collect in the various levels of this fun game.

This game with Tom and Jerry is an addictive one, and when I say addictive I mean it in a positive way because you will be tempted to try and get as many gold nuggets as you can and as they are burried in the ground, you will be using the gold mining claw for that purpose!

The difficult part about collecting gold nuggets is that there are also stones in the ground and the only thing they will do is waste your precious time because you are right – you have to finish each level in 60 seconds or less and it will not be an easy task!

While Jerry is mining for gold nuggets, we are wondering what Tom is doing! Any idea?

How to play:

As the claw is moving, press the “down” arrow key when the claw is in the direction of the gold nugget and the claw will grab it. Avoid grabbing rocks. In each level, you are required to meet a financial target from mining gold and with each nugget, you are getting closer to the target but watch out for the time as 60 seconds run out quickly!

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