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Kitchen Fun with Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry in “Kitchen Fun with Tom and Jerry” at Tom and Jerry Games is another fun game with your favourite cat and mouse! The action takes place in the kitchen, where all the food is! Jerry is hungry so he is stealing cake and fruits from the refrigerator right under Tom’s nose! As you imagine, Tom is mad but since Jerry is walking with the food on the kitchen shelf which is full of plates, Tom can’t get to Jerry directly so instead he has to use a baseball and try to hit Jerry with it. That’s where you come in. You have to help Tom hit Jerry with the baseball but it’s not as easy as it seems because the shelf is full of plates and you don’t want to smash them into pieces!

How to play:

Select the difficulty of this Tom and Jerry game from easy, medium and hard. Aim and hit Jerry with the baseball. For each correct hit, your score will increase. For each plate you brake, your score will be lowered.

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741 votes, average: 4.45/5

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