Jerry and the Cheese Chase

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Tom and Jerry Games – Game Description

Tom and Jerry in “Jerry and the Cheese Chase” at Tom and Jerry Games is a fast paced online game with Tom and Jerry. In this game, Jerry is hungry as always and he has stolen his favorite food – a block of cheese from the refrigerator. Tom has seen him so now Jerry must run as fast as he can and reach the mouse hole before Tom catches him. If Tom catches Jerry, Jerry will become food for Tom’s sandwich and you don’t want that, do you?

Tom and Jerry Games – How To Play This Game

Jerry is running. Help Jerry by pressing “space” so that he can jump over the obstacles that appear on his way to the mouse hole. For smaller obstacles (like the slipper), press “space” once. For bigger obstacles (like the vacuum cleaner), press “space” twice for a double jump. Jerry has 5 lives so he can fall 5 times but if he falls the sixth time, Tom will catch him and the game will be over.

Bonus: collect the additional pieces of cheese and win points and more food for Jerry!

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